meanderings in StrathTay & other memories
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meanderings in StrathTay & other memories
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mrs fingal felts
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meanderings in StrathTay & other memories

It is already  over 2 weeks  since  my wee trip  to  StrathTay , & before    the   almost mystical  adventure of it, seeps  deeper into memory , time is overdue   to   share  some of it's    imagery .  ( Only  just  now beginning  to catch  up with the immediate work load  I came home too  ).  Nae complaining !

 So having anticipated being   on my feet all day  in the heat of   a bustling craft fair I found instead   there was  time to  contemplate  actually   revisiting a few old haunts. Real time   for meandering .... 
of feet &  mind , along rivers , across fields , across moorland .  It must be   20 years since  I've  stopped in Blair Atholl !  Lar & I made a bee line for  the   river and as  free as  two larks ( tho'  nae as nimble to be sure !) dipped  & dandered  along the shore line ;  marvelling  at the  smoothness , & the art in  fault lines in  stones in shades of literally  gold & silver  , rumbling  down from Cairngorm .  So different   from  our Torridonian  rocks.   A feast  of imagery to take home   for future inspiration . 

                                    So many  textures   , shapes  & stories lying within  these rocks .................

    With  not being  expected at our  lovely host's cottage till early evening , there was time   to wander up river   a while   , among   trees in their  first  verse  of leaf , delicate , soft . Beech , larch ,
birch,   hazel, ash with  tight black buds &   pine  .  The stones continued  to mesmerise   and  I couldn't help seeing a giant frog  in the river ........... the light   stayed  on these  'eyes'   for ever ........   
& then there was the silly Heilan coo ' eyes'  too ,

    Rich   pickings for  our  vivid  imaginations. We were in a hobbit land  with TIME to absorb it .

     Who knows  what felt art  will emerge   .....    having  now   almost   restocked  on Florries   to  keep up with the season,  getting down to some artistic     felt  would be    great .

SO  ..  we  meandered along as small roads as we could find  , linked  a scribble I had made on a map   years ago  with a house  an aunt did not buy  away above Killiecrankie. ( In hindsight  a good move!) and found our way to   a very hospitable hillside ,  up a bumpy  track , along an ancient avenue of   trees .   Seemingly   leaving   the 21st century  firmly  away down the valley  on the A9 ! 

Sunday   saw us take  a leisurely  detour  via Dalguise to The Scottish Crannog Centre on Loch Tay .
Due to the Etape Bike race using   a number of local roads this was  the shortest route we could take  . But it was no   hardship. Strath Tay   was   giving of it's best  in  the  hot spring  day   , full of light & colour.  This road ,   usually   pretty quiet , needed  extra time we had  , as it was to all intents & purposes     a main road   for a few hours . 

Back home in Wester Ross , right now  we are having another   burst of    very  good  spring weather  &  the  North Coast Route 500 is turning into a firm favourite.  What will become of our little roads   being  used   & over used    , sometimes  by   travellers  whose  only intent is to reach   Durness  before   dusk ?    But I digress..............

Back to art & the past !  

Again it  is going on 20 years  since I was at The Crannog Centre  . We must have been there  in it's very early days. Then   the reconstructed    Crannog   stood majestically   on the water with Ben Lawers as a fitting    back drop . Well Ben Lawers hasn't moved  but some  how   the  Crannog  has become dwarfed  by   recent  building   developments.   Big shame !!
However , it remains a cracking  good  place .   The integrity  of the project   is   huge   &   I   am  very lucky to have this chance to sell my Florries there.     Last year ,  Les &  I   attended   an  international  conference , in Dunkeld,  on  the re introduction of the European  Beaver .  The   introductory  speaker of the day   was  one of  senior archaeologists from   the Crannog . Captivating stuff  it was.  
So  Lar & I    got to travel further back in time,   listening to Loch Tay  lap around  the larch poles    , as we sat    on deer hides inside the crannog , as   swifts   flew above us  to  their nest away from the   hot afternoon .  

Business   achieved  ,   leisure won   and  spirits lifted as we travelled north gently  vis Bohespic  & Trinafour   as the memories began to   meld  new with the old. 

Our internet is very  frail tonight    so pictures of The Crannog   to follow  .............. 



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