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May at the Inveralligin plots
waterall corry burn from the road fbridge
Croft7 April - September 2013
striding out


CROFT7 Activities April - November 2013
Livestock on Croft7
OUT THERE Nature Writing Festival 2012
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May at the Inveralligin plots

Busy down at the Alligin willows and `Pick Your Own Plot` during a wet and windy early spring. Willow sales went well and some interesting customer projects, sales occurred through to mid May. 
On the Pick Your Own Plot, Potatoes 8 varities,Jerusalem Artichokes, Cabbage, Brocolli, Kales planted.  Raspberries and Soft Fruit bushes,
Strawberries now in flower so expect mid to late June fruits. 
Dye plant bed planted up and new strawberry bed to include white strawberry `pineapple`.

A range of Cottage Garden flowering plants available for planting out, Lupins, Jacobs Ladder, Verbascum, Geum, Pinks, Coreopsis, and more  £2.

waterall corry burn from the road fbridge

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Great unleashing of the forces of nature on 11th and 12th of August in Torridon, especially off of the mountains and the sea off of Inver Alligin light sand brown some diatance off shore and the road ...
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We have had a full calendar this year with an increase in workload and interesting visits to  craft work shows
throughout Scotland. We fitted in an holiday on the South Uist machair which refreshed us and gave great inspiration for the future.

We have continued to do work on the croft and are seeing the results in greater numbers of wildflowers breaking through the rushes which we cut back twice a year. Our ducks have produced more ducklings and we have had a steady return in eggs from the poultry and vegetables and fruit from our raised beds.

Croft7 April - September 2013

.  We have had a good egg production from our ducks, hens, geese this season but the hens became less viable with the changing weather patterns. We have five goslings and some new hens and a cockerel. We have continued to build up the fertility of our raised beds and have had a reasonable salad leaf, herb and potato harvest and have some leaves to continue through the winter months into next spring.

   We had a workshop visit from participants in a Growing Food in Woodlands workshop and seminar which Croft7 organised and hosted for the Community Woodland Association.

striding out

The Croft7 goslings are rapidly growing.

Goslings and dancing butterflies, wetland meadows. Life on the Croft.

Our three goslings are getting out and about with our goose and gander enjoying new life and sunshine. 

   We are trying to work out a decent regime for managing the land to encourage more of the wildflowers, meadow sweet, ragged robin, ladies smock, marsh marigold, scabious, sneezewort being some of them. The green veined white  butterflies have been busy at the ladies smock\  cuckoo flower plants probably laying eggs on the stems and leaves since this is a food plant for the species.


EXCITING NEWS    The    OUT THERE  IN TORRIDON   Nature Writing Festival  

Inaugral  Festival,   28th July 2012   1p.m.  -  11.30 p.m.   Loch Torridon Community Centre

CROFT7  launches  OUT THERE

DAY TICKET  £10   , writing workshop in afternoon £5.00,  evening readings and music £7.50   all based from    Loch Torridon Community Centre.


Spring willow planting on the croft

We have started our spring time planting down on the croft starting with over 400 willow cuttings, Salix viminalis,candida, 
nigra. There have been some great sunsets over Loch Torridon. Candida is a shrubby willow and should give us good firewood sticks in four years time.

Sunset over Loch Torridon
Sunset over Loch Torridon
Sunset rom the croft
 : Loch Torridon Sunset
Loch Torridon Sunset


Muscovy Duck,an egg a day from our muscovy duck and on pancake day Throve Tuesday), pancakes made from our own duck eggs and lashing of fruit from last years, red currant blackcurrant and raspberry harvest. Muscovy ducks are native to Mexico, they large amusing clown like with nig broad bodies, wagging tails, and the males hiss rather than quack they are ducks with attiude. They live in a big rushy pen over planted with willow down on the croft. This year we have had a lot of rain through out the autumn and winter which they have enjoyed.

The Croft7 Hens

Our hens have been surviving the continuous wet winter weather and provide us with 3-5 eggs a day, they run free range in our forest garden area of the croft. Recently they have been scratching away on the banks of the croft burn where the ground is drier and quite sandy. We cleared gorse from the bank and have been planting a mix of fruiting trees along the cleared ground. Amelanchier, John Downie  (Crab Apple), Sea Buckthorn. On occasion we will use the hens as    chicken tractors