CROFT7 - Working with Nature


 The croft area being managed by Croft7 is approximately 1 Ha of wet rushy grassland, bordered by a small spate burn to the West which as a number of willow along its banks with a band of Gorse.
The gorse is providing a partial windbreak from prevailing SW winds and will also provide flowers for dyes,
wine making and use in food such as scones.
  The croft as had to be fenced off from predation by red deer and within the fence livestock pens for Geese, ducks, and free ranging hens have been constructed. 
  The hens range under a mix of fruiting small orchard trees and shrubs,   Hazels,  Cherry Plum,  Amelancier,  Sea Buckthorn,  Aronia,  Blackthorn , Crab Apples, Apple cultivars, Pears, Plums, Damsons,  red currants,   black currants,  gooseberries, worcesterberry, josta berry.  Fencelines are to be planted up with hedges of dog rose, rosa rugosa,   japonica quince, japanese wineberry,  tayberry,  logan berry,  blackberry cultivars.
   The geese graze two open grass paddocks with alternated monthly grazing of each paddock. The ducks
dabble under a stand of willows which will be harvested over a three year period in a sequence of indivudual trees to maintain a mixed height canopy, between coppice and pollarded trees.
   Areas of wet grassland plants with a wildlife pond are to be managed free of  livestock. Herbs and other wildflowers are encouraged beneath the fruiting trees.    Another area of pollarded willows for firewood, charcoal sticks is also planted up to be harvested on a three year row rotation. Other craft willow for onsite and local workshops are  grown in strips and to provide colourful windbreak hedges protecting our vegetable growing areas.
     The top side of the croft nearest the Fasaig village road contains  14,  1.2 metre by  3.6 metre raised beds,  and two   10 metre by 0.5metre long raised beds for raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and Rhubarb.   Some dye plant a herb beds, Tool stores, compost and wormery bins. Comfrey, Nettle Beds and nursery benches for Cottage Garden perrenial plant sales and production.  Rows of Blackcurrants ,Redcurrants, Gooseberries, and willow strips underplanted with Alpine Strawberries including a white berried variety.

Produce Fruit, Vegtables, Herbs, Dye Plants and Cut Flowers


a  description of where we are coming from and hopefully what we will achieve on the croft



  A raised bed of mixed produce Croft7 (Knockbain)   companion    planting,  Purple Kale, Nero de Tosca kale, ruuner beans, broad beans, dahlia flower (flower heads\ pollen for dye colour). 


In 2010   Les  carried out some contract work as one of a number of Tutors  
   for   Grow North,
               a practical local food project managed by 
         Sheila Wickens  for  Transition Black Isle

  We hope to maintain  Biodiversity and if possible extend its range on the croft.

 Croft7 is a member
 of    British Dragonfly Society,    Butterfly conservation Scotland,    Plantlife,
 Garden Organic     see  LINKS

  some of the species found on croft.  Photographs Les Bate

                        Ladies Smock

               Bumble Bee  approaching  Pulmonaria flower

                             Orange Tip Butterfly on  Siberian Wallflower

                                                Common Frog

                         Golden Ringed Dragonfly




Common Toad





         Bumblebee:-  Bombus lapadarius on Bergamot Flower

       Forest Garden Fruits 

         Forest Gardening and Permaculture,Edible Landscape Management